1.1 Understanding Policies and the Consultant Agreement

These Policies and Procedures, in their current form and as may be amended by Ryze, LLC
(hereafter “Ryze” or the “Company”) periodically, are incorporated into and form a material part of the Ryze Consultant Agreement. It is the responsibility of each independent contractor
(hereinafter referred to as “Independent Consultant”) to read, understand, adhere to, and ensure that she or he is in full compliance with the current version of these Policies and Procedures. Throughout these Policies, when the term “Agreement” is used, it collectively refers to the Ryze Consultant Agreement and these Policies and Procedures.These documents are incorporated by reference into the Ryze Consultant Agreement (all in their current form and as may be amended by Ryze from time to time).

The policies listed within the Policies and Procedures Manual are incorporated into, and form an integral part of, the Independent Consultant Agreement between Independent Consultants and Ryze. It is the Independent Consultants responsibility to read, understand and fully comply with the Agreement. “We”, “us” and “our” refer to the Company; “the Independent Consultant” and
“the Independent Consultants,” or “Consultant” refer to the Independent Consultant.

Ryze reserves the right to amend or modify these Policies and Procedures in its sole and absolute discretion. By executing the Consultant Agreement, an Independent Consultant agrees to abide by all amendments or modifications that Ryze elects to make. Substantive amendments or modifications shall be effective fourteen days after publication of notice that the Agreement has been amended or modified. Amendments or modifications shall not apply retroactively to conduct or occurrences prior to the effective date of the amendment. Notification of amendments shall be published by posting on the Ryze Independent Consultant’s Back Office and/or in the Ryze Consultant Facebook Group. The continuation of an Independent Consultant’s Ryze business, the acceptance of any benefits under the Agreement or an Independent Consultant’s acceptance of Bonuses or Commissions constitutes acceptance of all amendments.

1.2 General Independent Consultant Conduct

When representing Ryze directly or indirectly on social media, in-person, events, or through any avenue where the Independent Consultant is known as such, the Independent Consultant MUST protect and promote the Ryze brand and it’s products in the highest esteem to maintain the companies great reputation. Independent Consultants must avoid any and all misleading information, unethical conduct, and must exhibit high moral character in their professional and personal conduct.Consultants must refrain from participating in any conduct that could damage the company’s reputation.


2.1 Becoming a Ryze Independent Consultant

Each applicant must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Be a permanent resident of the United States
  • Have a valid Social Security number or Federal Taxpayer Identification number
  • Cannot be incarcerated or otherwise confined to a correctional institution
  • Agree to the Policy and Procedures, Terms and Conditions, and the Privacy Policy.
    (Note: Ryze reserves the right to accept or decline an individual wishes to become a Ryze Independant Consultant at its sole discretion)
  • Purchase a Ryze Starter Kit
  • Have a valid email address
  • Have a valid credit card/debit card.
  • Have a valid bank account that allows direct deposits for payout purposes
  • A business entity applying to become an Independent Consultant must submit a copy of the appropriate corporate resolution and comply with the requirements of this Section

2.2 Independent Contractor Status

Independent Consultants are self-employed, non-exclusive independent contractors who are authorized to market and sell Ryze products in the United States and to U.S. military bases. Independent Consultants are not, and shall not represent themselves to be, employees, agents or representatives of Ryze or purchasers of a franchise. Any agreement between Ryze and an Independent Consultant does not create an employer/ employee relationship, agency, partnership or joint venture between Ryze and such Independent Consultant.

Independent Consultants shall establish their own goals, hours, place of business and methods of sale, so long as they comply with the Consultant Agreement. Independent Consultants are solely responsible for all decisions made and all costs incurred with respect to their independent Ryze business. All Independent Consultants assume any and all business risk in connection with their independent business.

2.3 Term and Renewal of Your Ryze Consultant Agreement

The term of the Consultant Agreement is one year from the date of enrollment by Ryze. Independent Consultants must renew their Consultant Agreement each year and may be required to pay an annual renewal fee on or before the anniversary date of their enrollment as an Independent Consultant. If the renewal fee is charged and is not paid within thirty-one days after the anniversary date of enrollment, the Consultant Agreement may be canceled in Ryze’s sole discretion.


3.1 Partnerships
Ryze will recognize only one individual’s name per Independent Consultant Agreement unless partnership is confirmed with a valid LLC. If a valid LLC is in place, Ryze will recognize the LLC as an Independent Consultant and not an individual.

3.2 Sales Receipts
All Independent Consultants must provide their retail customers with one (1) copy of an official Ryze sales receipt at the time of the sale and verbally advise the buyer of his or her cancellation rights. These receipts set forth any consumer protection rights afforded by federal or state law. Ryze sales receipts are not permitted to be recreated, copied or scanned as these documents provide our customers a full breakdown of our ordering and returning guidelines. Independent Consultants must maintain all retail sales receipts for a period of two (2) years and furnish them to Ryze at Ryze’s request. If a complaint occurs during an order transaction, Ryze reserves the right to request additional information from both parties and will attempt to resolve the situation in a manner that suits both parties. Ryze will review all complaint information provided, and, if applicable, the Independent Consultant may be held liable for any costs Ryze accrues to resolve the concern.

3.3 Submitting Orders to Corporate
Independent Consultants should refer to their back office and the “Ryze Consultant Bombsquad Facebook Group” for more information on how to properly submit orders and package them for return to corporate.

3.4 Ethical Conduct and Non-Disparagement
As a Consultant, the Independent Consultant agrees to conduct the Independent Consultant business with honesty and integrity. Independent Consultants agree to refrain from making negative, disparaging, untrue or misleading comments about the Company, its owners, directors, officers, associates, other Consultants or any other direct-selling company or such company’s products. The Independent Consultant also agrees not to engage in any activities that may cause harm to the Company or to any other Consultant or do anything that may tarnish the great reputation of Ryze or it’s Consultants.
Any Consultant making negative or disparaging remarks about Ryze, it’s owners, employees or Consultants will be subject to immediate suspension pending an investigation.

3.5 Independent Business Responsibility and Legal Compliance All Consultants shall comply with all federal, state and local statutes and regulations concerning the operation of their business. It is the Independent Consultant’s sole responsibility to understand and comply with any and all regulations that directly or indirectly impact their business. All Independent Consultants assume any and all business risk in connection with their independent business.

3.6 Confidentiality Agreement

All information regarding customers, the Independent Consultant downline team, or other Consultants are confidential property of the Company and constitute a business trade secret. Ryze may make this information available to the Independent Consultant for the express purpose of supporting the Independent Consultant and the Independent Consultant personal team to further develop the Independent Consultant Ryze business. the Independent Consultant may use this information only in connection with the Independent Consultant Ryze business and for no other purpose. the Independent Consultant must keep the information confidential and must not make the information available to third parties. the Independent Consultant agree that any wrongful disclosure of the lists or the information on the lists will cause immediate and irreparable damage to the Company and that the Company may pursue all legal remedies available against the Independent Consultant if the Independent Consultant violate this provision. This provision will survive the termination of the Independent Consultant Independent Consultant Agreement.

3.7 Purchase of Similar Products From Outside Vendors

Consultants may not purchase and/or sell similar products from any source other than Ryze. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination.

3.8. Adjustment to Commissions and Bonuses

When a product is returned to Ryze for a refund, any and all bonuses and commissions attributable to the returned products will be deducted from the Independent Consultants pending or future payouts until all commission is recovered from the commissions and bonuses on the sales of the refunded products. Please review the Ryze refund policy directly on the Ryze website.

3.9 Income Claims

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and many states regulate claims discussing income that could be earned be being a Ryze Independent Consultant. To comply with legal requirements for making income claims, the Independent Consultant can not make income projections or disclose the Independent Consultant’s own compensation when presenting the Ryze business opportunity.

3.10 Cross Promoting

Independent Consultants may not offer the Ryze opportunity with any other sales opportunity and may not cross-promote other sales opportunities to other current or prospective Independent Consultants.

3.11 Cross Sponsoring

Cross sponsoring is defined as the enrollment of an active Consultant or a terminated Consultant who has been active within the preceding six months within a different line of sponsorship. This includes the use of a spouse or relative’s name or assumed names to circumvent or avoid detection under this policy. The Independent Consultant may not demean, discredit or defame other Consultants in an attempt to entice a Consultant to become part of the Independent Consultant sponsored group. Cross Sponsoring is strictly prohibited.

3.12 Income Tax

Each Independent Consultant is responsible for paying local, state and federal taxes on any income generated as an Independent Consultant. The first month of each calendar year, Ryze will provide an IRS Form 1099 MISC to each Independent Consultant who has earned commission, incentives, or prizes of $600 or more. Ryze cannot provide an Independent Consultant with any personal tax advice.

3.13 Parties and Sales Conducted on Social Media

Independent Consultants may conduct parties on social media platforms but MUST adhere to the following rules of conduct.

  • Consultant must open the surprise product and show the product all while visible to the viewers watching the LIVE
  • No videos containing sales and/or opening of products can be deleted without prior permission from Ryze
  • No alcohol, smoking, or drug/drug paraphernalia should be visible or used during your video
  • No bullying, trolling, offensive language should be used
  • Other Independent Consultants must refrain from intentionally soliciting customers or potential recruits from another consultants live video
  • No disparaging or derogatory remarks about Ryze or any other Ryze Independent Consultants

3.14 Disparaging Remarks

Independent Consultants must not disparage or make negative remarks regarding Ryze, Ryze products, Ryze employees, or Ryze Independent Consultants. Any and all concerns or issues about Ryze or it’s products must be directed to the Ryze Customer Service Department. Consultants must not disparage, demean, or make negative remarks to third parties or other Consultants about Ryze and any and all affiliations. Disputes or disagreements between any Consultant and Ryze shall be resolved through mediation and the Company and Consultants agree specifically not to demean, discredit, or criticize one another on the internet or any other public forum.

3.15 Independent Ryze Consultant Logo

Independent Consultants must use the Independent Ryze Consultant logo in all communication. The Independent Consultant logo is available for download in the Independent Consultant Consultant back office at www.ryzeparty.com in Consultant Tools. Using any other Ryze logo requires prior written approval from the Company.
All outside products using the Ryze logo including but not limited to car decals, business cards, signs, banners, ect, will need prior written approval from Ryze.

3.16 Written, Verbal, and Social Media Presence as an Independent Consultant

Independent Consultants must representent themselves as an Independent Consultant at any time they are directly or indirectly representing their relationship with Ryze. Independent Consultants are not allowed to use the name Ryze for any reason or in any form. This includes but is not limited to the Independent Consultants personal or business social media pages, team forums or social media groups, advertising, external website name, email address, etc.

Example of format: Consultant’s Name/Independent Business Name, Ryze Independent (Rank may be included here) Consultant

3.17 Bonus Buying

Bonus buying, the act of placing sales under a certain Consultant and/or recruiting
existing/non-existing Consultants for the sole purpose of achieving a promotion, pay rank or incentive, is strictly prohibited. Bonus buying includes the enrollment of individuals or entities without knowledge of and/or execution of the Consultant Agreement by such individuals and entities, the fraudulent enrollment of an individual or entity as a Ryze Independent Consultant, the enrollment or attempted enrollment of non-existent individuals or entities as Independent Consultants, the use of a credit card by or on behalf of an Independent Consultant when the Independent Consultant is not the account holder of such credit card, a Sponsor purchasing an Independent Consultant’s Starter Kit, purchasing Ryze products or services on behalf of another Independent Consultant, or under another Independent Consultant’s ID to qualify for Commissions, Bonuses, incentive rewards or for the Rank Title qualification structure, and any other mechanism by which strategic purchases are made to maximize Commissions or Bonuses when an Independent Consultant has no bona fide use for the products purchased.

3.18 Exclusively Promote Ryze

The Independent Consultants must exclusively promote Ryze on any website, social media site, forum, or event that’s primary purpose is to represent Ryze, Ryze products or services, or the Ryze business opportunity..

3.19 Online Sales Listings

Independent Consultant may not use online classifieds, auctions, online retail store or
e-commerce store to list, sell or retail specific Ryze products.

3.20 Unsolicited Email Spamming/Mass Emailing

Independent Consultants are not allowed to transmit mass, unsolicited emails to promote Ryze, its products or the Ryze opportunity to people who the Independent Consultant do not know, or who have not given the Independent Consultant permission to contact them. People who are
“opt in” subscribers, who have initiated a request to be included in bulk emailing, newsletter or other standardized communications from the Independent Consultant are allowed.

3.21 Spam Linking

Spam linking is defined as multiple consecutive submissions of the same or similar content into blogs, wikis, guest books, websites or other publicly accessible online discussion boards or forums and is not allowed. This includes blog spamming, blog comment spamming and/or spamdexing. Any comments the Independent Consultant make on blogs, forums, guest books etc. must be unique, informative and relevant.

3.22 Commerce Outlets

Independent Consultants are not allowed to offer Ryze products for sale in any permanent retail business establishment. A promotional display may be exhibited for the generation of leads or the collection of orders in conjunction with a Ryze event.

3.23 Trade Shows and Vendor Events

Public events are great opportunities to receive exposure for the Independent Consultant Ryze business. The registration for the event must be as a Ryze Independent Consultant. To receive product for the event, the Independent Consultant must adhere to the following:

  1. Within three weeks of the event, the Independent Consultant must contact Ryze with a copy of the receipt for the booth rental and answering the following questions:1. Within three weeks of the event, the Independent Consultant must contact Ryze with a copy of the receipt for the booth rental and answering the following questions:
    1. What is the name and address of the event?
    2. What is the date of the event?
    3. How many people are expected to attend the event?
    4. How many years has the event taken place?
  2. Corporate will respond to the Independent Consultant within four business days with the amount of products they have been allotted for this event and any additional costs associated with the event order.
  3. The Independent Consultant must have any additional costs paid for within seven business days or more before the event is scheduled.
  4. Corporate will ship event products to the Independent Consultant.
  5. All customer orders from the event must be placed through the Independent Consultants replicated website via the customer directly or by the Independent Consultant at the conclusion of the event. The Independent Consultant must link all order to a party titled: “Vendor Event: (name and date of event)”
  6. At the conclusion of the event, the Independent Consultant must close out the party without collecting any hostess rewards and complete a “Close Out” Report, which is located in the consultants back office.
  7. Once Ryze is able to conduct an audit, Ryze will contact the Consultant with the decision made on any and all left over products. Ryze will provide Consultant with a prepaid shipping label if left over product needs to be sent back to Ryze.

3.24 Site Downtime

Each party acknowledges that the Ryze website may be subject to temporary shutdowns from time to time for maintenance and/or due to causes beyond the operating party’s reasonable control, and that neither party shall have any liability to the other by reason of any such shutdowns.

 SECTION 4: Leadership

4.1 Sponsorship Obligations

Independent Consultant have the opportunity to sponsor other Independent Consultants during all open enrollment periods. It is not required nor mandatory to be a sponsor at any time during your Independent Consultant status with Ryze. If any Independent Consultant chooses to be a sponsor, the Independent Consultant agrees to regular communication with their sponsee(s), as well as provide adequate trainings and updates. Training must include (but is not limited to), product knowledge, selling, sponsoring, customer service, ethical behavior, the Compensation Plan and compliance with the Ryze Independent Consultant Agreement and Policies and Procedures Manual.

4.2 Sponsor Reassignment

To uphold the integrity of the company structure, Ryze will not honor requests from Independent Consultants to transfer them to a different sponsor for any reason other than misplacement during sign-up. In cases in which a new Independent Consultant is assigned a Sponsor other than the individual they intended to sign up with, the new Independent Consultant may request that they be transferred to the Sponsor they meant to sign under, with her or his entire Downline intact. Requests for transfer under this policy will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and must be made within two (2) days from the date of enrollment. The Independent Consultant requesting the change has the burden of proving that they were placed beneath the wrong Sponsor.. Ryze reserves the right to grant or deny a transfer request in its sole discretion.

 SECTION 5: Termination of Independent Consultant Contract

5.1 Return of Ryze Product Upon Termination

Upon termination of a Consultant’s Ryze business for any reason, the former Consultant must return all products held on consignment to the Company. Upon the return of the Ryze Product, an exit audit will be performed and the consultant’s deposit will be returned if it is found all product has been returned and is in resalable condition.

5.2 Events Upon Termination of This Agreement/Independent Consultant Agreement

In the event the Independent Consultant is terminated by Ryze or resigns from the company, the Independent MUST do the following:

  • Ship all unused Ryze products back to the company within three business days.
  • Immediately stop representing Ryze as an Independent Consultant.
  • Pay all overdue balances owed to Ryze within seven days.
  • Remove yourself and any other persons associated with your Independent Consultant account from the Ryze Independent Facebook Group.
  • Loses rights to all future commission, downline, and bonus payouts.
  • Independent Consultants may not solicit, recruit, approach, contact or discuss with any current or active Ryze Independent Consultant the opportunity to join another direct sales organization, as set forth above in these Policies and Procedures.
  • May not disparage Ryze, its brand, its products, or its Independent Consultants in any form or on any social media platform including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Once unused Products have been returned, Ryze will complete an audit to verify all unsold Ryze products were returned to corporate. An Independent Consultant will be charged $10.00 for every product not returned in resellable condition. Audits will be completed within seven business days following the months (of resignation) finalization. At that time, if applicable, the Independent Consultant has seven business days to pay off any debt owed due to missing or damaged unsold products. Furthermore, if applicable, Ryze has seven business days to return any and all deposits owed to the Independent Consultant