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hostess with the mostess?

With our generous hostess program, you can earn FREE jewelry by simply inviting your friends to your online or in-home party. Qualifying hosts can earn free and discounted products, as well as exclusive items just for our party hostesses.

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1) Contact Your Consultant

Reach out to your consultant and let them know you are interested in hosting a party and earning FREE jewelry.

2) Set the Date

Your consultant will walk you through your party options and then you can invite all of your family and friends.

3) It’s Party Time

RYZE offers an interactive party atmosphere! So get your guests pumped up and ready to discover some beautiful sterling silver jewelry surprises!



party faqs

How much does it cost to host a party?

Hosting a Ryze party is absolutely FREE! And with the popularity of Facebook LIVE parties, you do not even have to clean your house or make snacks. The best part is you and your friends can attend your party in PJ’s!

What are the responsibilites of a party host?

It’s simple! Set a date with your consultant, invite your friends and family, and most importantly… have fun!

What are the benefits of hosting a RYZE party?

As the Host, you can earn FREE rewards based on the total sales from your party guests. It’s a great way to earn FREE and exclusive hostess rewards!

Do I have to host a party in my home?

Ryze parties can happen anywhere… in-home, online, or anywhere you and your friends can gather.